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MonoMania at MCM Warrnambool
MonoMania Warrnambool

“Calling all Motorbike thrill seekers and enthusiasts”

Our Mono Machine is a portable device that allows you to practice wheelies anywhere! The machine harnesses a road simulating device that is used to provide resistance to the motorbike’s rear wheel.

Learn the art of executing a controlled mono in a safe environment under expert guidance. Feel the adrenaline rush as you master the technique, ensuring a thrilling and safe ride. Unleash your inner daredevil in this unique adventure, where excitement meets skill development. 

Join us for an unforgettable ride that combines the thrill of monos with the assurance of a secure, controlled setting. Get ready to rev up and ride like never before!

About the Machine

The Wheelie Machine® was designed and built in Melbourne, Australia. 

The bike is mounted via the rear axle and is allowed to pivot around the rear wheel. Thanks to the straps, you can’t flip the bike – what would otherwise be a detrimental mistake if out on tarmac.

The rider can use the machine to practice clutch, throttle and rear brake to improve wheelie technique. A sprung ramp is used to help absorb the impact upon landing as well as help the bike get into the wheelie position.

Monomania is a technically advanced piece of motorcycle equipment that has many different uses.

It can be used to teach stunt riders how to remain on the rear wheel of a bike for sustained periods of time or to teach control and technique in a safe and controlled environment.

Hire the MonoMania for your next event

The Mono Machine can be hired out so that you can now learn how to perform wheelies in a controlled environment by one of our trained specialists. 

Mono Mania can also be hired for your upcoming events such as:

Corporate Event Hire

Monomania may be hired for corporate events such as company bonding, training days, trade days, field days and more!


Monomania can be hired for fairs, shows, club functions and sponsored events.


For those starting off on a motorbike, Monomania is an ideal way to learn how to do a wheelie in a safe and controlled environment.

Just for fun

Take yourself, family or friends for a few hours of fun and entertainment.


Speak to the team about trade pricing and conditions